Nicotine Inhalers Can Help You Stop Smoking Now

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For many smokers the thought of trying to quit leaves them shaking in their boots. Between the anticipated withdrawal symptoms and the wondering what you are going to do with your hands while you are quitting it is often too much. It is after all the nicotine in the cigarettes that is addictive to your body; the rest of it is all in your mind.

With this thought nicotine inhalers were created to take care of both issues at the same time, slowly weaning you away from your cigarettes until you can quit altogether.

There are of course several different types of nicotine replacement therapies to choose from to help the smoker take his first real steps towards quitting this terrible habit.

There are nicotine patches, gums, lozenges, nasal sprays and there is the nicotine replacement inhaler. Each of these items is supposed to help reduce a person’s craving for the nicotine in their cigarettes and while some may work well for many people others may not. The biggest problem with the gums, sprays and patches is that while they replace the nicotine they do absolutely nothing for the physical action addiction.

If it was so easy to quit then chances are that very few people would still be doing it. The nicotine in a cigarette may be the addiction but for many people the mere act of lighting up and holding a cigarette to their lips is another addiction. This physical action that they have done countless thousands of times is just as habit forming as the nicotine is addictive. Nicotine inhalers are generally shaped to look just like a cigarette right down to being painted to look like one. These “cigarettes” are designed to fool your mind into thinking you are still enjoying a cigarette while slowly reducing your dependence on nicotine.

Nicotine inhalers could just as easily be called the “stop smoking inhaler” as it is designed to be a replacement for both bad habits at the same time. It reduces your cravings for nicotine over a period of time while still feeding your need to be able to continue “smoking” a “cigarette”, which are the two hardest parts of quitting for any smoker. There are of course a few exceptions to any rule and some people can just toss their cigarettes in the rubbish bin and walk away never to touch them again, for everyone else there is the nicotine inhaler.

Nicotine inhalers work using the reduction therapy method, meaning that over a relatively short period of time you control the amount of nicotine that you take in by reducing how often you use your inhaler. The nicotrol cartridge inhaler is a plastic tube that may be made to look like a cigarette since it is the same size as one and uses a replaceable cartridge. Each cartridge contains a low dose of nicotine that is released every time you puff on it.

However unlike your cigarette where you inhale the smoke all the way into your lungs you are not supposed to inhale that deeply with nicotine inhalers, instead you are supposed to hold the vapor in your mouth. This way the lining of your mouth can absorb the nicotine and allow it to enter your bloodstream instead of your already battered lungs.  

The typical cartridge in an inhaler contains enough nicotine to yield approximately 400 puffs depending on how hard the person using it pulls on it. In the beginning it is not uncommon for the person who was a heavy smoker to use as many as 16 cartridges in a day the idea is to slowly reduce the number down to zero over a period of time, taking perhaps as long as 6 months.

The good news with nicotine inhalers is that since the mucus membranes can absorb the nicotine far more quickly than the lungs, your cravings will be far more easily satisfied with the smaller amount contained in each puff from the inhaler. While the dose may be lower, the body’s ability to absorb it quickly means that you can actively reduce the amount of nicotine you are taking in from the first time you puff on an inhaler.

Beware thought there are some side effects such as irritation of the mouth and nasal tissue, some people report having stomach aches and nausea and in they are a little more expensive than the other methods. One last thought you should never smoke a real cigarette while you are using nicotine inhalers as this can cause a massive overload of nicotine in your body with some serious consequences.

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